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1. The Cure

2. Datasette

3. Saint Saviour


The song was written by Shocking Blue‘s guitarist, Robbie Van Leeuwen in 1969 and was #1 in the US and 5 EU countries in 1970. When covered in 1986 by Bananarama, it returned to #1 in the US and topped the charts in 6 other countries worldwide.

1. Shocking Blue – Venus 


2. Bananarama – Venus 


David Bowie – Andy Warhol

Dana Gillespie – Andy Warhol 

I love Dana Gillespie’s version – the wider arrangement and performance, especially in the refrain part…

more about the song from the brilliant Pushing ahead of the Dame blog

‘Bowie had written “Andy Warhol” for the singer Dana Gillespie, who debuted it at Bowie’s 3 June 1971 BBC session (Gillespie’s recording of it, while cut in the summer of 1971, wasn’t released until 1974′sWeren’t Born a Man), and the Hunky Dory version was recorded ca. June-July 1971 (it served as the B-side of “Changes” in 1972, with the intro excised). Bowie played “Warhol” in two subsequent BBC radio sessions, as well as in many of his 1972 shows, then retired it. He later recast the song as a drum & bass-inspired piece in the mid-’90s that sounds more dated than the original’