3 x Speak Low

Posted: 06/08/2013 in 3 x, Music
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1*  Performed and sung by Kurt Weill

2*  Billie Holiday

3*  The Young Gods  (acoustic, 2008)

More info about the song: 

Although it seems hard to believe, there was a time when S.J. Perlman, Ogden Nash and Kurt Weill all wrote for Broadway. The time was 1943 and the show was One Touch of Venus, a morality play on the vicissitudes of being a goddess among mortals in which Venus moves to the suburbs to be with the man she loves. In one of the show’s most popular numbers, Venus sings Nash’s lyrics to Weill’s tune in the hymn to love – ‘Speak Low’. Set for the most part in the singer’s lowest register, ‘Speak Low’ is an intimate song whose hopes are as small as its melodic range and whose climax is as thrwarted as its hopes. One might call ‘Speak Low’ bittersweet, if it were sweet at all.

(James Leonard, allmusic.com)

  1. lostfunzone says:

    i love charlie haden’s take on speak low (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSUkl0SJ5Zk) that incorparates kurt weill’s fantastic version. thanks for the reminder!

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